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The Age-Friendly Collier Action Plan and Community Health Assessment 2022-2025

Collier County residents want our region to remain a great place to live, work and play. How can we continue improving quality of life here? What opportunities and challenges lie ahead? How do we ensure that both old and young benefit from safe streets and green public spaces, better transportation, opportunities for employment, access to housing, health, education, and social services? How do we expand our residents’ options to participate and contribute? What are the ingredients for a healthy, equitable community that allows both older adults and people of all ages to prosper?

What is the plan?

The Age-Friendly Collier Action Plan and Community Health Assessment offers a path to Collier County’s future prosperity. It’s a flexible roadmap born from a two-year collaboration among dozens of not-for-profit, government and business organizations across the county. Its data-driven insights and action steps support health and well-being for all those who call Collier County home.

About the Age-Friendly Collier Initiative and Action Plan


The Collier County Age-Friendly Initiative and Action Plan would not be possible without the work and support from dozens of supporters and partner organizations. For their donation of time, knowledge, and resources, we are grateful to the Leadership Coalition on Aging, Florida Department of Health – Collier County, Avow Hospice, Collier Senior Services, Senior Advocacy Group, Collier County Emergency Medical Services, Board of Collier Commissioners, Collier Community Foundation, and AARP Florida.

We’re also grateful to the many organizations that have supported the Action Plan through retreats and workgroup meetings:

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During the next five years, not-for-profit, healthcare, government and health and human service organizations in Collier County will assess how their programs and services are aligning with goals of The Age-Friendly Collier Action Plan and Community Health Assessment.

  • Want to get involved in helping these organizations as they provide programs and services to Collier County residents?
  • Interested in working with the Age-Friendly Collier Steering Committee to evaluate progress?
  • Or do you simply have a comment or idea related to the Action Plan?

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