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About The Age-Friendly Collier Initiative and Action Plan

Collier County is one of the most sought-after areas in the nation to raise a family, have a fulfilling career, social and civic life, retire, and remain healthy, engaged, and active at all ages.

Aging is a lifelong process. The factors that increase older adults’ capacity to age in place safely and comfortably also apply to younger generations. Age-friendly communities are not just “elder-friendly” but also friendly for people of all ages.

The Age-Friendly Collier Action Plan and Community Health Assessment supports the efforts of multiple organizations, public and private, that are continually improving access to the health, economic and social components that increase our community’s resiliency and well-being for people regardless of their age.

Building from Collier County’s 2019 Community Health Assessment, in 2020, the Collier County Community Health Improvement Planning Committee (CHIP) began to re-examine the county’s needs and priorities.

AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities


 Through the efforts of the Leadership Coalition on Aging, in September 2020, Collier County was accepted into the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities.

AARP’s valuable support has helped the Collier County Age-Friendly Workgroup to apply AARP’s 8 Domains of Livability to engage the community and develop the Age-Friendly Collier Action Plan.

The Community Health Improvement Planning Committee (CHIP) and the Collier County Age-Friendly Steering Committee and Workgroups hosted meetings with representatives of community organizations, healthcare providers, business, government, and institutions who are subject matter experts in their fields.

The Age-Friendly Process

Thanks to the expertise and input of its collaborators, the Age-Friendly Collier Action Plan can help Collier County systematically address our challenges, increase support for community-based programs and services, and sustain our community for residents of all ages for generations to come.